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Stuart has always been interested in the dynamic relationship between creativity and context. He has used interactive painting and site specific installation to explore how the viewing context of an artwork influences the ways in which audiences experience and make sense of art. In recent years Stuart's focus has moved away from audience experience to focus on day to day life and how everyday activities such as walking can inform creativity. In a recent interview he discusses how drawing whilst walking has changed the way he experiences the world and how this has transformed his understanding of the creative process.

'Drawing whilst walking allows me to experience and record much more than if I were standing at an

easel looking at the landscape. This way of working allows me to record my physical presence as I move

about a specific environment. By doing this I become part of the landscape alongside the other flora and

fauna living there and the drawings become visually dynamic records of a more immersive experience of

living in what is my habitat too.  

Since 2015 I have used a harness to hold my drawing board in place whilst drawing. This has made it

possible to make larger drawings and to draw with both hands whilst walking. This has made the process

more physically dynamic, allowing the interaction of the ground and my hips or the wind and my upper

body to guide the drawing. I call walking and drawing with both hands 'ambulatory drawing' and the

combination of visual distractions and physical disruptions can make this activity either frustrating or

liberating. In my experience, it depends on one’s attitude towards the creative process.

By mindfully attending to the embodied experience and embracing the complex dynamics of the

interaction between artist and the other forces at play within the environment, I find myself

participating in spontaneous mark making and witnessing the emergence of unexpected and

arresting compositions. 




2023 'Stillness in Motion' - Cromer Artspace, Norfolk, UK

2022 'Recent Drawings' - The Old Workshop Gallery, Corpusty, Norfolk, UK

2015  'Transient' - St Nicholas Church, Salthouse, Norfolk, UK

2007  'Vir Domesticus Sublimis' - Habitat, Norwich, UK

2006  'A Sublime Phallacy' - The Granary, Norwich, UK

1999  Artist in Residence - Round Tower Gallery, Kyrenia, Northern Cyprus

1996  Permanent Installation - Pfizers Pharmaceuticals, Sandwich, Kent, UK


2008  Horace Blue Gallery: 'Object and Image' (with Simon Wright), Norwich, UK

2005  The Cut Arts Centre: 'New paintings' (with R. Greenhalgh), Halesworth, UK


2021  The Hostry, Norwich Cathedral: Norwich 20 'Horizons', Norwich, UK

2019  The Undercroft: 'Metamorphosis', Norwich, UK

2018  Cley 18: 'Ambulatory Drawing - Salthouse to Cley-next-the-Sea', Norfolk, UK

2017  Cley 17: 'Ambulatory Drawing', Norfolk, UK

2015  Open Studios: The Crooked Rose, Aylsham, Norfolk, UK

2010  Salthouse 10: 'Time and Motion', Norfolk, UK

2008  Galerija Vojvodanske banke: 'Gruppa 20', Novi Sad, Serbia

2008  Halle aux Toiles: '50 Artistes d’Aujourd’hui', Rouen, France

2006  Salthouse 06: Interregnum, Norfolk, UK

2005  Fringe at the Factory: 'Four Room Installation', Norwich, UK


2007  Celeste Art Prize (Exhibition Catalogue) -  Old Truman Brewery, London, UK

1995  Unipart Reflections of Technology Awards - Paddington Station, London, UK


Pfizer, UK

Private collections in the UK, Cyprus and Malaysia


Norwich 20 Group - 2006 to present

North Norfolk Exhibition Project - committee member 2006-10




Stuart drawing in Venice
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